Washed Out Gets Weird On New Song “Get Lost” And Announces New Album

Washed Out is known for creating relaxing, soothing jams, and “Get Lost” turns that notion on its head.


“Get Lost” is Washed Out’s most experimental song yet. It opens with some exasperated laughter and big messy sounds before the melody comes together and the track takes form. Washed Out has not abandoned his mellow and muffled vocals that fans have come to expect from him after jams like “Eyes Be Closed” and his vocals guide the track through. At times, it gets weird, with pitched-down voiceovers chiming in to add a little eeriness to the jam.

With “Get Lost”, Washed Out has announced a new album as well, to be titled Mister Mellow. The album will drop on June 30th and if the album trailer is any indication, Mister Mellow should be a trippy joyride. Check out the album trailer for yourself below.

Here’s the album artwork:

washed out mister mellow


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