Satica And SAKIMA Share The Vibes On “Dysfunctional”

On this standout track from Satica’s new EP, she and SAKIMA don’t seem too dysfunctional together.

Starting off with a sultry whisper from Satica the song slowly progresses into a smooth, jazzy, jam, eventually breaking into a bouncy chorus and a verse from SAKIMA. Satica and SAKIMA have both released new EPs in the past two weeks off of Moving Castle records. This guy right here attended their release parties in Los Angeles these past two Fridays and I can tell you from personal experience that these two are amazing, check them out immediately. Stream Satica’s new Drippin’ EP here and Satica’s new Ricky EP right here as well. You can find “Dysfunctional” from Satica and SAKIMA on our Tasty! Jams playlists for October. And check out some photos from my drunken adventures at the release parties below, which Satica seemed to enjoy herself.


One thought on “Satica And SAKIMA Share The Vibes On “Dysfunctional”

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