The Tasty! Jams From October

Without further ado, here are the rest of the Tasty! Jams from October over the last two weeks:


neutral. is back again with a sick remix of San Holo’s “I Still See Your Face”. 

GEO gets incredibly funky on this amazing track that gets “Better” after every listen.

Cautious Clay is back with his 2nd song ever and it is just as good as his first. 

BAYNK dropped his EP this past week, featuring this killer jam “Want 2”. 

MANSIONAIR brought out all the feels for this space jam.

Aminé’s first single since his debut album last month and, oh boy, is this song fire.

Dim Sum released his chillaxed EP this month as well featuring this wonderful jam “Just Need”.

Kllo dropped their debut album in October featuring this standout track. Find Kllo’s full album on our Best Albums of 2017 So Far list. 

Rex Orange County may be my new favorite artist after this easy listen.

And the Gorillaz struck gold again with this crazy song featuring Little Simz.


October also featured some incredible album releases, check out our favorites:


Kllo – Backwater


Beck – Colors


King Krule – The OOZ



See all the Tasty! Jams from October through our Tasty! Jams playlists:


2 thoughts on “The Tasty! Jams From October

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