The Tasty! Jams From November

November was filled with Tasty! Jams from some of our favorite artists and from some new ones we just discovered. Find the full Tasty! Jams playlist from November on SoundCloud and Spotify.


Here are some of our selected jams from November:

SLATERS got super funky on this one with some help from Toulouse.

LeyeT has us going down the scenic route.

Teflon Sega perfectly blended with WAJU and Cozmoe’s production on this one.

NEIL FRANCES has shown us his truly funky side. 

MODA helped us chill out with “Ad Adel”

BUTTERJACK may or may not have been naughty this year.

This song from Two Another is pure waves. 

Eric Sharp and the French Horn Rebellion got us grooving.

TDE brought us the scrumptious SiR and this sexy song featuring Etta Bond.  

The fin. kept the good vibes going on this jam, “Outskirts”. 

GEO made our list for the second time with this instrumental jam.

Closing us out, NoMBe found paradise once again on “Eden”


3 thoughts on “The Tasty! Jams From November

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