Jay xero Drops New Song “upsidown” Under New Name warner case

The man behind Tasty! Jams like “doyouwannabemine?” is changing…Well, at least his name is.

Jay xero is no more and warner case is here to play. The name change coincides with the release of his newest song “upsidown”, which, fittingly with his last jam, “doyouwannabemine?”, has deepened vocals and bouncy production. warner case knows how to build a song, teasing you during the intro with some of the notes that will make up the eventual melody, he jumps into it, quickly producing a sound that makes you wish you were in a darkly lit room bouncing off the walls– even on a predominately chill song . You can find “upsidown” from warner case on our Tasty! Jams playlists for February.


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