New Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar Song Leaks Online Via Music Mafia

Music Mafia, the hacker group responsible for previously leaking Kanye West songs, has done it again.


Now, I’m not supposed to share any links to Music Mafia since they are a bunch of hackers but….    😉

(please note that the link will probably be taken down in the next 24hrs)

UPDATE: The link has been taken down real f’ing quick. Sorry fam. Gotta be quick.

The song is not even close to done and you can hear an un-edited Kanye and Kendrick trade bars on a track which is being titled “Madlib Freestyle 6”. Like I said, this isn’t the first time Music Mafia has released some leaked Kanye, a few months ago they dropped “Hold Tight” which featured Young Thug and Migos. Hopefully all this leaked music means that Kanye has another project around the corner. Either way, this leaked two minute clip of an unfiltered Kanye and Kendrick collab is, as Larry David might say, pretty, pretty, pretty, cool .



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