Anderson .Paak Makes It Rain On “Bubblin”

Anderson .Paak gives it all away in the new music video for “Bubblin”

While the video, which follows Anderson .Paak as he gives away all the money from a seemingly sentient ATM, is a work of art in itself, the song is an instant classic. Opening up with an instant bang this is the second single from .Paak in recent months. He spoke about the song with Zane Lowe on Beats 1, saying, “I was trying to get Lil Simz to rap on it first because she was in the studio too. I remember trying to get other people on it, and then eventually I just wrote on it.” .Paak also teased more new music: “I have 65,000 songs in the vault,” he said. “No features, fam.” You can find “Bubblin” from Anderson .Paak and more great music on our Tasty! Jams for May.


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