Pusha T Ethers Drake On New Diss Track, “The Story of Adidon”

Pusha T has responded to Drake’s “Duppy Freestyle” and he did not hold back.


Pusha decided to put away the ghostwriting claims and focus almost solely on personal family issues like Drake’s absentee father and the fact that Drake may be a “deadbeat” dad himself. In the track Pusha reveals that Drake has a child with a pornstar and that Drake has been hiding it from the public. He then takes it one step further though, revealing that his son’s name is Adonis and that Drake’s upcoming Adidas line would have been titled Adidon, after his son. By doing so he’s pretty much tainted his brand before it ever launched, which means that now Pusha T is messing with Drake’s income. That was only the start of it though as Pusha goes on to, in what some are calling a bar too far, insult Drake’s best friend and producer Noah “40” Shebib for having multiple sclerosis. Most notably though, the album artwork for the song itself is a real photo of Drake wearing blackface and, taken out of whatever context it originally existed in, it has caused quite a bit of controversy online. I guess now we just wait to see what Drake’s response is. Although, if I were him, I’d probably be working on an apology rap right now– “I’m Upset”… more like “I’m Sorry”.




One thought on “Pusha T Ethers Drake On New Diss Track, “The Story of Adidon”

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