Ranking The 5 Albums From Kanye’s G.O.O.D. Summer: DAYTONA, Ye, Kids See Ghosts, Nasir, K.T.S.E.

Kanye West has spent the past few months in Wyoming bringing all of us an incredible album every single week since the end of May. Now that it is unfortunately all over it’s time to take a look back at the self-proclaimed genius’s work. 


1. Pusha T – DAYTONA


At the end of the day, the first album of the G.O.O.D. Summer series just so happened to be the most fulfilling. Pusha T seemed ready and refined as he took the mic on DAYTONA, trading verse for verse with Kanye on “What Would Meek Do?” and overall killing it from start to finish. And while the album itself was incredible, Pusha topped it off with his legendary Drake diss, “The Story of Adidon”, closing out the album’s final tack “Infared” perfectly.

Tasty! Jams: “If You Know You Know”, “The Games We Play”, “What Would Meek Do?”

2. Kids See Ghosts – Kids See Ghosts


Kids See Ghosts, the collaborative project from Kid Cudi and Kanye West, felt like a Kid Cudi comeback album. After many recent musical missteps and a battle with depression Cudi came back extremely strong on this one. Kanye’s production seems to be at its peak on this project, setting the perfect stage for Cudi to hum his way on to creating some of the most infectious songs from the Summer series. And, while “Freeee” is somewhat of a let down when compared to the preceding “Ghost Town”, the more I listen to the pitched-down screech of “I feel freee” the more it grows on me.

Tasty! Jams: “Feel The Love”, “Reborn”, “Kids See Ghosts”

3. Kanye West – Ye


First off, let me start this by saying I don’t give a fuck what you think about this album. Ye bumps. And I mean it fucking bumps. Is it Kanye’s greatest album ever? No. Is it in his Top 5? Maybe. Is it still one of the best albums of the year? Undoubtedly.

Every review of this album I have seen talks more about Kanye’s antics than it does the actual music. I don’t really believe in separation between the artist and the art but in this case it seems as if the art was disregarded from the start. I don’t see how anyone can deny that “Ghost Town” is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, songs to be released so far this year. Overall, the album is by far the most catchy of the series and the one I find myself replaying the most. The only real reasons that I’m putting it third is because I believe that DAYTONA and Kids See Ghosts show more versatility and feel much more complete, which makes a lot of sense when you know that Ye was made in just two weeks.

Either way, a 7 song Kanye album that was made in two weeks is still better than just about everything that’s been released this year. Go figure.

Tasty! Jams: “Yikes”, “All Mine”, “Wouldn’t Leave”, “Ghost Town”

4. Teyana Taylor – K.T.S.E.


Coming in at #4, Teyana Taylor’s debut album is on par with her other R&B contemporaries. Drawing many comparisons to SZA’s CTRL, Taylor was able to chill us all out with K.T.S.E. and declare herself a force to be reckoned with. While Kanye’s production on the album is incredibly different from every other project in the series it still feels perfectly in-sync with Taylor’s voice. My main takeaways from the album are that Teyana Taylor is very open about her sexual desires, Kanye can still make R&B music anytime he wants, and “NO FADEOUTS”.

Tasty! Jams: “Gonna Love Me”, “Hurry”, “Rose In Harlem”

5. Nas – Nasir 

Nas - Nasir

Finally, we have Nas’s 12th album, Nasir, and, honestly, it’s quite disappointing. Nas sounds tired and uninterested throughout the album and when put up next to the other four albums listed here it becomes even more clear. In the end, the problem with making the greatest rap album of all time when you’re nineteen is that everything you do in the next twenty years will be compared to it, and Nasir is no exception.

Tasty! Jams: “Bonjour”, “Simple Things”


Thanks, Kanye. 


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