People Are Pissed At Spotify After Drake Promotion

In what is being called Spotify’s “U2 moment”, thousands of people have flooded the Spotify customer service lines to demand refunds after Spotify promoted Drake’s new album Scorpion all over their platform on Friday.


After Reddit user Schwagschwag made a post saying that he was able to get a refund from Spotify after complaining about the Drake promotion many jumped on board the refund train. Now the post sits at more than 16,000 “upvotes” on the site and is growing by hundreds every minute. On Twitter, the Spotify Cares account has been rapidly trying to keep up with the demand, tweeting out nearly ten times a minute responding to criticism over the Drake promotion.

We have reached out to Spotify for comment but as of right now the only response has been from the Spotify Cares Twitter account, saying: “We were celebrating Drake’s new album and his spot as the most streamed artist in the world right now. The Browse section and Playlists should be back to normal now.”

It seems as if Spotify customer service has now been informed not to give out any more refunds as they are just spamming that exact message back to people who won’t take no for an answer.

Hundreds of users have also reportedly canceled their Spotify subscriptions over the album promotion, which Spotify called “ScorpionSZN”, in favor of Apple Music, Google Play, or other streaming services.

We will update this article if Spotify responds to our request for inquiry.


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