The Paul Institute (Jai and AK Paul) Release Two New Songs By Ruthven And Fabiana Palladino

UPDATE: The songs are on Spotify!

After posters showed up around Europe and XL Recordings hinted at new Jai Paul music, the Paul Institute has released two new songs.


The elusive brothers seriously delivered on these two tracks, “Shimmer” and “Hypothalamus”, by Fabiana Palladino and Ruthven, respectively. According to Pitchfork, Fabiana wrote and produced “Shimmer” but featured production, guitar, synths, and engineering from Jai, who also mixed it. The second song, “Hypothalamus”, was co-written by brother A.K. Paul who also mixed and played guitar on the song. Together the Paul brothers seem virtually unbeatable in the production game. These are the third and fourth songs released from the Paul Institute following Ruthven’s “Evil” and Palladino’s “Mystery”, also linked above in our comprehensive all-things Paul Institute playlist. The songs sound like they were made using synths and engineering programs that are from the future. Unfortunately, like with all Paul Institute releases, right now the only way to listen is if you have a login to the website (thankfully, I do) which could only be received when they first announced the institute. Don’t worry though because if their last releases are any indication then the songs will show up on all major streaming services very soon.



3 thoughts on “The Paul Institute (Jai and AK Paul) Release Two New Songs By Ruthven And Fabiana Palladino

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