Kanye West Announces New Album “YANDHI”, Collaboration With Chance, And SNL Performance

Kanye keeps being Kanye.

After dropping 5 albums over the summer Kanye is back again — and, no, I’m not talking about his new song with Lil Pump “I Love It” or Watch The Throne 2, which he teased earlier this month. Instead, Kanye has seemingly announced his followup to Yeezus along with a performance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live, billed as Yandhi. So far all we have is a title, Yandhi, seemingly a combination of Ye and Gandhi, a releases date, Septemeber 29th, and a photo of what we can only assume to be an album cover, bearing striking resemblance to Yeezus. Additionally, Kanye joined Chance The Rapper on stage last night to, once again, announce their collaboration album, now with a new title: Good Ass Job.

Let’s just wait and see what Kanye has up his sleeve.


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