Tom Morello Rocks Out On “Every Step That I Take” With Whethan & Portugal. The Man

Tom Morello’s debut is a star studded Pop-Rock album with this collaborative jam as the centerpiece.


Whethan and Portugal. The Man lend their hands on the song in the form of production and lead vocals, respectively. It has a grunge feel to it but also sounds extremely modern and somewhat electro-pop, most likely due to a little flair from Whethan. The three of them went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to perform the single as well just last week. Tom Morello is best known for being the guitarist from Rage Against The Machine but it seems that he’s now decided to utilize the connections he’s made in the industry and jam out with a wide range of vocalists and producers at the helm. His new album, The Atlas Underground, features Bassnectar, Big Boi, Vic Mensa, Pretty Lights, RZA, Steve Aoki, Knife Party, and, of course, Whethan and Portugal. The Man. You can find “Every Step That I Take” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for October.


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