Vince Staples Shares New Project “FM!” With New Music Video For “FUN!”

Vince Staples isn’t stopping the “FUN!” on his new project FM!.


Whether or not it’s officially considered an album, FM! is the perfect addition to Vince’s discography. Following the heavily electronically-based Big Fish Theory, Vince strays from the Flume-produced beats of Big Fish for slightly more traditional “Hip-Hop” beats. The project features contributions from Earl Sweatshirt, Jay Rock, Ty Dolla $ign, Kamaiyah, E-40, Buddy, Kehlani, and Tyga. It runs through in a continuous stream, also mimicking a radio station broadcast with DJ breaks and tongue-in-cheek contests spliced throughout, hence the name FM!. The overall feel is that of a party, a party that has not forgotten the current state or race relations in America, but a party nonetheless. With the album came a new video for the standout track “FUN!” and follows Vince through the lens of a Google Streetview camera.

After seeing Vince just last week at the Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life concert it was refreshing to close the week out with this exhilarating project. You can find “FUN!” on our Tasty! Jams playlists from November.


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