Fresh Music Friday: Earl Sweatshirt, The 1975, 6ix9ine, Golden Vessel, Kllo, Shallou, Chance The Rapper, Kaytranda, And More!

This Friday graced us with fresh albums from Earl Sweatshirt, The 1975, Meek Mill, and the always controversial but surprisingly catchy 6ix9ine (with a pair of Kanye features). We also got two new singles from Chance The Rapper, a few new songs from Kaytranada with a Ty Dolla $ign feature on one, and new jams from Golden Vessel, Shallou, Grimes, Benji Lewis, Cosmic Quest, and Kllo! We’ve got streaming links to all of the best music from today right below for you and highlighted focus tracks from each of the albums.

Earl Sweatshirt – Some Rap Songs

Focus: “Nowhere2go”, “The Bends”, “Riot!”

Earl’s first new record in close to four years displays the rapper on a journey of experimentation, begging you to try and give up in “getting it.”

Meek Mill – Championships

Focus: “Intro”, “What’s Free (feat. Rick  Ross & Jay Z)”, “Splash Warning (feat. Future, Roddy Ricch, and Young Thug)”

Meek Mill does what he does best on Championships. Don’t sleep on that Jay Z verse, or the intro.

The 1975 – A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships

Focus: “Sincerity Is Scary”, “Love It If We Made It”, “Give Yourself A Try”

The 1975 excel on their newest heroin-inspired, genre-mashing, self-love album.

6ix9ine – DUMMY BOY

Focus: “TIC TOC (feat. Lil Baby)”, “MAMA (feat. Nicki Minaj, Kanye West)”, “KANGA (feat. Kanye West)”, “KIKA (feat. Tory Lanez)”

Whether or not you think he’s a bad person (which, he undoubtedly is) 6ix9ine’s newest album is, and I don’t enjoy saying this, pretty damn good. If anything, you’ll be surprised.

Chance The Rapper – “The Man Who Has Everything” & “My Own Thing”

Chance is back on his grind with these two new tracks featuring similar artwork and musical themes to Chance’s previous 2018 singles.


Kaytranada waited until the end of the year to drop a project, granted, it’s only three songs (5 total with 2 instrumental cuts), but it’s something — something good.

Kllo – “Candid”

Kick back with Kllo and this candidly catchy track.

Shallou – “count on (feat. Colin)”

Shallou teams with Colin on this track that you can “count on” to keep you relaxed.

Grimes – “We Appreciate Power”

Get ready to appreciate some power with Grimes on her first new music in more than three years.

Cosmic Quest – “Golden Void”

Cosmic Quest will take you on a mission to the “Golden Void” with this vibey jam.

Golden Vessel – “Moonstone (feat. Elkkle & Akurei)”

Golden Vessel does what he does best, working with frequent collaborators Elkkle & Akurei, some serious vibes on this one.

Benji Lewis – “Ride”

Go for a ride with Benji Lewis on this one. 

What a week for music it was — but as a month it was even better. Check out our full November playlists below:


2 thoughts on “Fresh Music Friday: Earl Sweatshirt, The 1975, 6ix9ine, Golden Vessel, Kllo, Shallou, Chance The Rapper, Kaytranda, And More!

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