daste Will Have You Feeling Lifted With Their New Single “SOBER”

Get a little taste of daste.


“SOBER” follows daste’s debut single “Thinkin’ Of” and the funky-fresh newcomers from Australia are already making a name for themselves just two songs in. Off of Mammal Sounds, daste keeps rolling with the good vibes set by artists like Golden Vessel and Benji Lewis and marks another win for the label.

Here’s what daste had to say about the track:

“We don’t follow any specific recipe approaching each track. It all evolves from a hive mind of ideas and refining them into the mood we’re feeling. ‘SOBER’ came about quite quickly. Pretty much within a day of writing the basis of the song was done, and we then started doing our thing on the production which is often when we like to take our time focusing on the smaller details. As Tyler likes to say “The ‘d’ in daste. stands for detail.

The ideation of ‘SOBER’ isn’t exactly in relation to being under the influence in anyway. I think ultimately it speaks to the sense of, not being intoxicated, but rather, having a clear mind from anything taking you away from yourself. The track speaks to us in our experiences, but we hope each person can interpret it differently.” – daste

You can find “SOBER” from daste on our Tasty! Jams playlists for January




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