Watch Kanye West Team With YNW Melly & Cole Bennet For “Mixed Personalities”

Kanye is back on his crazy collaboration train.


After teaming with controversial newcomer artists like 6ix9ine, XXXTentaction, and Lil Pump, Kanye West has emerged once again on a “SoundCloud Rapper” track. That being said, “Mixed Personalities” has a lot more melody to it than your average SoundCloud bop, and the Cole Bennet directed visual counterpart is a trippy companion to the already ecstatic song. Watching YNW Melly and Kanye West have a good time while surrounded by sex robots and CGI vines is exactly what the doctor ordered after a weekend of self-reflection with James Blake. You can find “Mixed Personalities” from YNW Melly and Kanye West, off of YNW Melly’s new album We All Shine, on our Tasty! Jams playlists for January.


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