Midnight Pool Party Make A Splash With New Single “Slow Down”

Midnight Pool Party are keeping the party going with their latest single.


After making some noise with their last single “Stand A Chance,” the Australian duo is back with their newest jam, “Slow Down.” Off of their upcoming EP MOTIONS from Mammal Sounds, the duo is ready to get you into the disco groove with this one.

Speaking on the making of the song they shared some behind-the-scenes secrets as to the inspiration for “Slow Down”:

“I actually wrote the hook and demo one night after a had a few glasses of wine. I remember having fun writing it coz I was dancing along to it by myself in my room. As soon as Ollie jumped on the track, we smashed out the production and we knew it was one for the ep.” – Darren Morilla 

“The song came together quite naturally, and keeping with the theme of “Motion”, we wanted the track to continually evolve with each section. This song also features some extra keys from our good mate Allan (Close Counters), who shows off his solo skills and musical theory. His part really elevated the track to another level” – Oliver Dela Cruz

You can find “Slow Down” from Midnight Pool Party on our Tasty! Jams playlists for February.


2 thoughts on “Midnight Pool Party Make A Splash With New Single “Slow Down”

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