Choker Is On A Roll; Releases 3 Amazing EP’s Over 3 Weeks, Creatively “Filling Space”

Choker, the incredible young musician who is frequently compared to Frank Ocean, just released three 3-track EP’s over the course of the last three weeks.


Altogether, he calls the project Filling Space, but separately, and as found on streaming platforms, the three EP’s, Mono No Moto, Dog Candy, and his latest, Forever & A Few, can stand tall on their own. With nine songs total, each individual project offers a deeper look inside Choker’s psyche. On the first project he released now close to a month ago, Mono No Moto, he kicks it right off with what may be the most “trap” song of all nine with “Petrol Bliss.” The other two projects kick off on a much more subtle note, with “Dualshock” and “Guava Tea”, the brightest burst of pop and the slowest ballad of Filling Space, respectively. Thus giving each EP a different overall feel upon the first listen, despite their connectedness.

Choker recently spoke with Billboard about his frequent Frank Ocean comparisons and his decision to release the project in three parts. He explained that a photo from Pascal Maitre is what drove him to that decision, and, seemingly subconsciously, spoke about the number three a whole lot:

“It’s mainly important to me because the main inspiration for the projects was this photograph by a photographer named Pascal Maitre, and it was these three girls after their first communion, like these three black girls in Africa. And, they just really… something about the image inspired me to make a bunch of stuff. I would just return to that photo super-frequently for three months, and at the end of it, I had a bunch of songs — and it just made sense to separate them as three, and to make them their own world.

I’m not exactly sure, but something about that photo felt like a well-captured moment. I could just feel the personalities of each of the girls through the photograph, and it just really spoke to me in a way that made me want to make something that almost felt representative of different identities.”

In his Billboard interview he also does a bit of self-reflection when asked about how the last few years in the music industry have changed him. He responds, “As clichéd as it probably sounds, I’ve learned to stay true to myself, and to just do what I’m interested in, and to find other people that are willing to coexist with me. I’m not trying to shift or change with trends, or things that are moving in the industry — like trap music becoming the new pop music, or when there was a huge EDM moment in pop music. I’m just trying to make what I like, and that really just allows me to feel better about my work.”

And as if that wasn’t all enough, Choker dropped the music video for “Lucky” with the release of Forever & A Few. Check it out below.

Don’t sleep on this man. That is all. 

You can find all of Filling Space on our Tasty! Jams playlists across January and February.


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