JVLY Brought The Waves On “tacenda”

Tacenda (n.) – things better left unsaid, matters passed over in silence.


Australian producer JVLY came through big time with this smooth new jam — giving us the first taste of his upcoming EP. The slow build at the start of the song sets JVLY up perfectly to come in with his longingly seductive vocals as the soundscape fills up. Speaking on “tacenda” JVLY said “This is the first song I finished for a new EP I’ve been writing called Wild Onsen Echoes. It’s always taken me a long time to finish songs, just dwelling on them even if things aren’t flowing or working out and I think that ends up being a pretty toxic way to create. You get tired of it before you finish and then it’s lost. Lately I’ve been writing a lot of new ideas and if it doesn’t come all that naturally I’m just leaving it to the side. It seems to turn out more organic that way.” Continuing on to say “‘tacenda’ is one of those songs that came together pretty painlessly. It means ‘things that are better left unsaid’. I find that building the music into an environment of sounds that trigger or inspire a single line or a story is the best way to write. I think it’s kind of backwards, but it works like that for me.”

You can find “tacenda” from JVLY on our Tasty! Jams playlists for March.



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