Night Tales “Elevate” The Good Vibes With Wavy New Single

Australian duo Night Tales “Elevate” their sound on this new jam.


Night Tales, made up of Kamaliza and Third Floor, bring out all the waves on their newest track “Elevate”. The energizing track combines a some groovy melodies and percussion with echoey synths and stabs.

Speaking on the track, Night Tales said “’Elevate’ is story about the journey of being in love to a place of unrequited love & the hopeful possibility of reconciliation. The optimistic reunion of these lovers is reinforced in the chorus. ‘Elevate’ is the feeling, the connection and the energy from that significant other, whose able to lift you up, inspire you & navigate you through those low times.  ‘Elevate’ is a window into the recent past and a reminder in the present that their ‘loving feeling’ holds a powerful & positive bond.”

You can find “Elevate” from Night Tales on our Tasty! Jams playlists for April.


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