Watch Post Malone Come Back From The Dead In New Music Video For “Goodbyes”

The dark new song also features Young Thug.


Over the holiday weekend Post Malone shared his first new music of 2019 in the form of the emotional single “Goodbyes,” featuring Young Thug. In the 50’s themed music video, directed by Colin Tilley, we see Post get into a gruesome knife fight with a rival gang member and subsequently get murdered. The video quickly cuts to a graveyard where we see Post rise from the dead. As he strolls through the town with his dead-pale white skin covered in dirt he scares all those who he passes by, eventually making his way on stage at the local pub. There we see Young Thug singing his verse and rocking a Janelle Monáe-like hairstyle before Post joins him on stage to the surprise and horror of the audience. The gripping video is a great representation of the song’s chorus, in which Post sings about how he’s “bad at goodbyes.” Check out the video for yourself — unless you have a weak stomach, then watch the PG version that Posty uploaded this morning. You can find “Goodbyes” from Post Malone and Young Thug on our Tasty! Jams playlists for July.


2 thoughts on “Watch Post Malone Come Back From The Dead In New Music Video For “Goodbyes”

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