Ohmfield Shares Chilling New Song “Givin’ Up”

Ohmfield is far from “Givin’ Up”


Earlier this year the UK producer Ohmfield shared with us his chilling track “Habitual Cold.” Now he’s back with another new offering, this time in the form of the slightly jazzier “Givin’ Up.” The mostly instrumental track features some slick production and a vibe more fitting for those living in the Southern Hemisphere this time of the year.

On the song, Ohmfield had this to say: “This melancholic and pensive piece was created in response to a series of thoughts that have been swimming around in my head recently. It seems as one gets older, they tend to fall into the trap of routine and repetition, effectively ‘giving up’ on the person they used to be. I made this track in acknowledgment of this and as a little reminder that feeling unsafe and out-of-control in life is sometimes when it can be at it’s most exciting.”

You can find “Givin’ Up” on our Tasty! Jams playlists for July.


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