JVLY Delivers Crisp New Single “me&her”

Co-produced by DRKTMS.


The newest release form JVLY is the chillingly smooth new single “me&her” off Mammal Sounds Records. Following his last Tasty! Jam, “tacenda,” the Australian artist gives us a further look at his upcoming sophomore EP. Teaming with DRKTMS on the production side for this one, the song feels incredibly full and compelling. As light vinyl scratches ring consistently in the background throughout the track you’ll be carried out to sea on a lo-fi wave.

Speaking a bit about the creation of the song, JVLY said “I had just pretty much cut my arm off to get this amazing analogue synth and was fiddling with it when I came up with these sounds and this chord progression. Honestly, I wasn’t really trying to write a song at the time as I was just learning the ins and outs of designing sounds on this thing, and that’s when I hatched that pulsing synth that runs throughout the song.” And on his inspiration for the track he added, “I’ve been listening to a lot of dream-pop lately like Men I Trust so I’m really into rich sounding synths. I sent ‘me&her’ to my friend Luca (DRKTMS) who slowed the whole thing down to a much smoother tempo and added some really nice touches to the song. It was cool collaborating with him on the vocal ideas as well, bouncing ideas back and forth before finding a good blend of our own perspectives.”

You can find “me&her” from JVLY and DRKTMS on our Tasty! Jams playlists for July.


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