SebastiAn, The Guy From Frank Ocean’s “Facebook Story,” Details New Album & Shares Music Video For “Beograd”

The French producer will release Thirst on October 25th via Ed Banger Records.


SebastiAn has been making music for more than a decade yet you and I probably both know him best from his weird appearance on Frank Ocean‘s Blonde. Towards the end of Frank’s incredible album appears a track titled “Facebook Story.” The minute long interlude features a vocal recording of SebastiAn telling a story about how a former girlfriend broke up with him because he wouldn’t accept her Facebook friend request. It was a surprising addition to the album but also an interesting comment on society’s obsession with technology.

Now, three years later, SebastiAn is back on the radar after releasing a gorgeous (and trippy af) music video for his new track “Beograd” as well as detailing his upcoming album, Thirst, due out in October. “Beograd” is the third single off of Thirst, following “Run for Me” and the record’s title track, and is definitely intended to wake up the club. Speaking a bit on the new release, SebastiAn said “I wrote the track while I was at Belgrade for a few days. I was inspired by the idea of making a festive clubbing track, somehow empowered by the Slavic intensity.”

You can find “Beograd” from SebastiAn on our Tasty! Jams playlists for July.


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