Oliver Tree Actually Opens Up For Once On H3 Podcast With Ethan & Hila Klein

Oliver Tree discussed his childhood, his deal with Atlantic Records, issues with YouTube’s age restrictions, and much more during his appearance.


Oliver Tree has become very well known for his extremely erratic behavior but today we saw a very different side of the bowl cut donning artist. During his appearance on the H3 Podcast, hosted by Ethan and Hila Klein, Oliver covered a range of personal topics and showed a much more tame side of his personality. Granted, the show did start off with a “vape off” between Tree and Ethan, but it got serious very quickly.

Oliver discussed the making of his music video “Hurt,” noting that he had been inspired to make the video since he was ten years old. The video has been age restricted by YouTube and the fight with the video streaming platform seems to have left Oliver creatively stifled in ways. Luckily the show’s host, who is a YouTuber himself, offered to reach out on Oliver’s behalf.

As the ninety minute interview continued Oliver discussed a variety of topics including his childhood, growing up in Santa Cruz, the rapidly developing drug problem there, and investing his own money into his music videos. He tells the story of how he got signed, getting flown to New York and subsequently pranking the CEO of Atlantic Records by falling off his Razor scooter and popping blood capsules in his mouth before his pitch meeting. He also touched on his former professional scooter freestyle career and on the injury that made him turn to music, adding that he’s broken eight bones.

Towards the end of the interview Oliver Tree revealed that his debut album is done and has been done for quite some time. He’s currently engaged in a battle with his label over the release date, which is still up in the air. He seemingly confirmed that his current tour would be his last before telling a story about a paranormal experience to end the interview.

It was quite refreshing to see a more controlled side of the man who’s known for pushing things to incredibly extreme level. Check out the full interview above and catch Oliver Tree on tour this summer.




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