Goldwash Drops Wavy Debut Album “Flat Earth Surf Club”

Goldwash is surfing through it all.


Goldwash has been delivering absolute jams for a few years but, today, we’ve finally received his debut full-length, Flat Earth Surf Club. Following up on some incredible leading singles like “You Don’t Wanna Feed the Fire Anymore,“Set In Motion” and “Over Again,” which also featured his brother, BairdFlat Earth Surf Club is an incredibly calming record that will make you feel like you’re just floating away. Goldwash quietly opens the album on “My Own Devices” before absolutely breaking out the funk a minute into the leading track. He follows up with a string of Tasty! singles before letting those warm and fuzzy vibes absolutely take over on “Rip” and “It’s My Mess.” He closes things out with a gorgeous ballad, “Only for a Little While,” really capping off the whole record with some overpowering James Blake-like layered vocals that will leave you stunned. You can find a bunch of tracks from Flat Earth Surf Club on our Tasty! Jams playlists.